Bakugo death prank: My hero Academia Manga Bakugo Katsuki NOT dead

Bakugo death prank: My Hero Academia Manga Bakugo Katsuki is NOT dead.

Bakugo death prank

Rumor that Katsuki was dead started on Twitter and the aim was to mess with the anime-onlys. Even manga panels furthered this meme causing many people to believe Katsuki death.

This in turn caused many My hero Academia fans to decide that they will drop the series because of it while more expressed their frustration.

Bakugo death hoax:

The truth however is that Bakugo death never happened. Bakugo was killed by a hoax that went viral on Twitter.

He is alive and well.

Read some comments from fans below:

  • From Jaquan:

Do you really believe that Bakugo died? It’s just a prank. You really out here hard pressed over a prank?

  • From ShaKing807:

Fake Bakugodeath panels going around as a joke

  • From ErinaYukihira:

It’s funny how much this Bakugo death hoax has escalated 😂😂

And it doesn’t help that he hasn’t been relevant for a while, which only makes it worse 💀💀

  • From Ty:

In this day and age a lot of people take things a face value, so if you keep seeing people post that Bakugo die people will believe it without researching it. I should’ve been little clearer that it’s close to spieling death but not on the same level.


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