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Toko Tasi dead: How Toko Tasi death happened in fatal shooting

Toko Tasi dead: Toko Tasi death happened August 10 2019 at about 11:40 p.m after he was shot and killed outside a Wrigley bar on West Willow Street near Eucalyptus Avenue. Toko Tasi, real name Asofaatasi Malaki was 45 years old. He wrote music with Sublime and Slightly Stoopid and left behind his daughter Lilly who he called Bubbles. […]

Dennis Van Der Meer death: Dennis Van Der Meer cause of death

Dennis Van Der Meer death happened July 27, 2019 late Saturday afternoon. Dennis Van Der Meer cause of death was a long illness, he died at the Hilton Head Hospital. The legendary South African born tennis coach is survived by his devoted wife Pat who stood by him while his health was deteriorating. Dennis Van Der Meer death: Before […]

Kirkistown accident: Death at Kirkistown Race Circuit, 500 Motor Racing Club of Ireland

Kirkistown accident: A competitor’s death happened 27 July 2019 after an accident at the 500 Motor Racing Club of Ireland’s meeting at the Kirkistown Race Circuit in Northern Ireland. Read below Motorsport UK statement regarding the fatal incident at Kirkistown Race Circuit Motorsport UK regrets to advise that a competitor lost their life as the […]

Bakugo death prank: My hero Academia Manga Bakugo Katsuki NOT dead

Bakugo death prank: My Hero Academia Manga Bakugo Katsuki is NOT dead. Rumor that Katsuki was dead started on Twitter and the aim was to mess with the anime-onlys. Even manga panels furthered this meme causing many people to believe Katsuki death. This in turn caused many My hero Academia fans to decide that they will drop the […]

Muere Hijo de Andy Montañez: Andy Montanez son death cause

Muere Hijo de Andy Montañez: Eldest son of Andy Montanez, Andy Montañez Jr. has died. Andy, also known as Andicito Montañez, was found lifeless at his home in Puerto Rico. Muere Hijo de Andy Montañez: Andy Montanez son death cause One of the sons of singer Andy Montañez died in the morning hours today, according to […]

Spencer Lunde obituary: GoFundMe page for Spencer Lunde funeral

Spencer Lunde obituary: A GoFundMe page has been set up following Spencer Lunde death in a construction accident on Tuesday, July 23, 2019. Please consider donating to the Lunde family’s fund for their beautiful son, Spencer Lunde. No donation is too small. Spencer Lunde obituary: Spencer Lunde was the youngest of the 5 Lunde children (Eliza, […]