Download Mp3: Young Dolph – Major Feat. Key Glock

Listen to Young Dolph‘s new song “Major” featuring Key Glock.

Download Young Dolph – Major Feat. Key Glock mp3

Young Dolph has been relatively quite since he dropped off his surprise EP N****s Get Shot Everydayback in February, but thankfully that look to be changing soon.

Quotable Lyrics:

Mobbin’ in the Bentley (ayy), smokin’ moon rocks (hey)
Pocket full of motherfuckin’ blue (blue), guap (guap)
Half an ounce in my Gucci tube (tube), socks (socks)
For the summertime got a new (what?), drop (skrrt)
Trapper slash rapper slash bad bitch snatcher (ayy come here)
Baby mama mad, she say you live like a bastard (so what?)
Sold a hundred pounds and gave ten percent to the pastor