Gunther Kress death: How Dr Gunther Kress death happened

Gunther Kress death happened June 20, 2019. Gunther Kress died of heart failure in Rome where he was attending a conference.

Gunther Kress death

Before his death, the beloved IOE professor and linguist, semiotician and social theorist pioneered the fields of critical linguistics, critical discourse analysis and social semiotics.

Gunther’s publications, including at least 15 books, covered topics as wide-ranging as power, ideology, discourse, genre, pedagogy, multimodality, representation and communication. His ideas were influential beyond academia, across education as well as advertising and graphic design.

Gunther Kress death:

Read some touching tributes from all who loved Dr Gunther Kress:

  • From Professor Li Wei:

Very very sorry to report Gunther Kress has died earlier today of a heart attack. We have lost a leading thinker in social semiotics, education, language and communication.

  • From Aline Frederico:

Extremely sad and shocked to hear of Professor Gunther Kress death. One of these people we think will live forever. He has been a great influence on my work and was an extremely kind and loving person. My condolences to his family and close friends.

  • From Kate Cowan:

I am still reeling from the news of Gunther’s death. I feel so very lucky to have had the chance to work, write, talk and think with him. He was an inspiration as well as a mentor, colleague and friend. I will miss him deeply.

  • From Jan M.E. Blommaert

A really great one passed away. My dear friend Gunther Kress died of heart failure in Rome yesterday, where he was attending a conference. He was there with friends, all of whom are heartbroken. Gunther was not just a scholar who defined the direction of thought of at least two generations of scholars in semiotics, multimodality, pedagogy and social thought. He was also a genuinely kind man, a wonderful friend and such fun to be around with. His death is a big personal blow to me.

Read, if you want to pay tribute, his “Before Writing” book. Gunther wrote a lot, but for me that one still stands out as a monument of ideas and revolutionary scholarship.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.