Is It Too Hard To Cope With Pregnancy Or Pregnant Employees In Your Workplace?

i must first say that the overall impression shared among company hierarchies is; If any employee is unable to perform the duties of their job, they should be terminated regardless of circumstances. Business is business.

– Firms are trying so hard to stay afloat amidst fierce economic pressure. Hubs are closing down and business owners are trying to survive too. but if someone passes on for instance, will the organisation go down the drain? sure the the answer is NO!!!, Empathy should be first priority for businesses. It’s both the employees and the employers that drive companies forward.

Yes, It is a sensitive situation and there are a lot of facts that one may probably miss out. The burden of proof will therefore always be with the employers to determine if discrimination against a pregnant woman took place. Some inhumane stories of promotion being withheld because pregnant employees were out for few months on maternity leave may not justify the proof even

Here are dissatisfying stories and examples of pregnancy discrimination in workplace that stirred up this blog post.

Story 1 of 5

I went for an interview in a school and the school owner was asking me … How serious is my relationship since am single? Am I getting married or pregnant anytime soon

Oh my goodness!!! I told her ma!!! These are Personal questions. I later got employed, immediately a colleague became visibly pregnant, she was sacked !

Story 2 of 5 examples of pregnancy discrimination in workplace

My cousin was fired last year March.
I don’t like to talk about this but I will for one reason, ”pregnancy”
Being her first pregnancy, she was finding it difficult to adjust to the activities at work.
Her boss complained several times but she pleaded for more time to make amendments.
Her boss got fed up as she wasn’t really effective and it was affecting the company’s productivity.
Few weeks after, she was booted out and compensated.
Although her boss said it wasn’t because of her present state.
He said it was purely for business reasons and the decision was made by the board.
She became depressed. Thanks to her wonderful husband who stood by her.
Who knows what might have happened to her or the unborn child?
She gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, and also got a new job last month.

All these are discrimination, without any doubt. In France, you simply can’t fire someone during the stage of pregnancy, it’s in the law! We are not robots, we are humans, and sometimes I wonder if CEOs or whoever runs a company remember what it is, a human being

The work environment shouldn’t continue to discriminate against women by virtue of their reproductive tendencies. Being pregnant does not stop you from being effective, These are seemingly little but mighty factors that should be addressed in order to combat the wide spread low socio-economic status among women and the feminization of poverty.

To be fair, some business owners have and show empathy for their employees. Unfortunately, sometimes, the problem is not always with employers or ‘the board’, the problem could be with Managers and those who play to the gallery to/and hamper other manager’s efforts in creating the employee-centrist culture, with this exceptional story below, you may want to agree with me.

Agree it’s a challenge but being honest and impartial, i can see both sides of every of these 5 stories. business don’t stop just because one is pregnant and most businesses are very compassionate. I urge woman to look for career opportunities that will align with your family future goals as well.

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