“NYSC Discriminates Against Benin Trained Graduates & Refuses To Issue Certificates”

NYSC Discriminates Benin Trained Graduates & Refuses To Issue Their Certificates

After one year of rigorous service, my sister a 2018 batch B, Stream 2 Corp member was not issued her certificate because she schooled in Benin Republic.

This is so sad

Why the discrimination ?

And please what is the solution to help her get her certificate. She has been crying since yesterday.

NYSC is claiming that they got information that students from Benin Republic universities did not pass through the four walls of universities and all bought their degrees. I doubt this is true, but then, how can they (NYSC) judge thousands of students who schooled in Benin Republic because of the misdeeds of a few bad eggs.

I know nothing about the buying and selling of degree certificates in Benin Republic, but what I am very sure about is that my sister went to school and have studied seriously from year 1 to her final year, with me remitting her school fees, not even to her but directly to the bank account of her institution.

Why is NYSC now causing her pains by withholding her certificate and that of thousand other foreign students after waisting one year of National service. This is not fair! Please give us advice and help us create awareness.

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