She’s Pregnant 18 Months After Her Husband’s Death & Wants To Remarry

Let Her Go

I just want to write this short post hoping it will change someone’s mentality base on the issue i’m about to discuss.

A lady at my place of work lost her husband almost 1yr 6months ago, now, she is about 3months pregnant and wants to get married but the backlash she is receiving eh? Her late husband’s people have been frustrating her saying it is too early to get married (i thought marriage is till death do us part?), why are they trying to control her life simply because she was once married to their brother?

I want to believe the family members of this man have moved on with their lives since the death of their son, why then do you want to lock her up in mourning? The surprising part of it is that even women at the office are against her, some who have also lost their husbands are citing instances of how they watied 7years before re-marrying and so on.

I felt bad for her, all she do now is to cry, and mind her business. This is so wrong, free that young lady, she didnt do wrong in marrying your kinsman.

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