The Job Seeker Daily Routine And Why You Will Get Hired

The ideal Job Seeker daily routine list in my personal opinion: –

1. Wake up/ breakfast/ shower.

2. 30-60 minutes exercise.

3. Go to a quiet space at home, public library, or any place that has WiFi.

4. 90 minutes CV/Resume improvement, or keyword tailoring for online job applications (ATS)

5. 1 hour of LinkedIn activity, to enhance visibility (like, comment, share, like comments of others).

6. 1 hour lunch break.

7. 2-3 hours job search via LInkedIn Jobs, Indeed, Nairaland Job/Vacancies, #ProjectHelpYouGrow and other job sites.
i listed tricks on ways to get closer to HIRING MANAGERS on LinkedIn on the blog post

8. 1 hour skills improvement via LinkedIn Learning and other online courses.

9. 30 minute walk.

10. 1 hour interview prep: writing responses to sample competency-based interview questions, transferable skills identification, and C.A.R. technique.

11. 30-60 minutes of LinkedIn networking.

End of Job Seeking “Work” Day.

8 reasons why you will get HIRED:

1. You were focused in your job search.
2. You had excellent CV/Profile presentation.
3. You understood ATS and dealt with it.
4. You networked.
5. You only applied for jobs you were qualified for.
6. You prepped for and performed well in interviews.
7. You sought professional guidance when things just weren’t working for you.
8. You were responsible and accountable for your own diligence throughout the process.                     
9. Being at the right place at the right time

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