The Soil’s Ntsika Launches Solo Career But He Is Not Leaving The Group

the soil Ntsika

Ntsika Ngxanga of acapella group, The Soil has officially launched his solo career even though he is not leaving the group.

Ntsika still credits his opportunity to explore all his capabilities especially his upcoming solo album to the support of his group, The Soil.

“The Soil continues to be this amazing environment that is conducive for all these ambitions that I have. If it wasn’t for The Soil, I don’t think I would even have some of the ideas that I have, so instead of being a hinderance, The Soil is a catalyst that propels me to do even more,” he told TshisaLIVE.

He went on expressing his gratitude to his group members for the chance to bring his potentials to live.

“Buhle and Master P are so incredible and have made room for all of us to explore our individual brands while still making sure that The Soil stays in tact. I would never leave The Soil, not in this lifetime or in the next one. I will still be with The Soil long after we leave this planet.”

He said he hadn’t thought about taking the solo route until his ancestors, through his dreams pointed him in that direction.

“I didn’t wake up one morning and say, ‘I want a solo career’. From last year, June 2017, I began dreaming about me and my grandfather, Tat’umkhulu Mayiza. It was just both of us in the dream, not saying nothing to each other and when I woke up, I would hear a song that was playing in the dream and I would quickly write it.”

Ntsika said six months later he had twelve songs that he knew were meant for him and although he can’t share at the moment, there are also exciting collaborations in store.

“It will come out in God’s time. I already have a song out and I am still in studio. The 12 songs from a sacred place that I have been gifted with are ready but I don’t want the process to be rushed by timelines.”

Ntsika gave fans a taste of what to expect from his solo offering when he shared a clip from a collab with Vusi Nova. And, the song sounds like FIRE already!

Just listen to this: