Toko Tasi dead: How Toko Tasi death happened in fatal shooting

Toko Tasi dead: Toko Tasi death happened August 10 2019 at about 11:40 p.m after he was shot and killed outside a Wrigley bar on West Willow Street near Eucalyptus Avenue.

Toko Tasi dead Toko Tasi death

Toko Tasi, real name Asofaatasi Malaki was 45 years old. He wrote music with Sublime and Slightly Stoopid and left behind his daughter Lilly who he called Bubbles.

He sang reggae and hip-hop at local establishments all the time like Iguana Kelleys.

Toko Tasi dead: How Toko Tasi death happened in fatal shooting

Toko Tasi was dead after two separate shootings that happened hours apart overnight. One of the shootings left Toko dead and the other, another man injured.

The fatal shooting involving Toko happened near West Willow Street and Eucalyptus Avenue in the Wrigley neighborhood at 11:40 p.m. Saturday.

Arriving officers found him with gunshot wounds to his upper torso, spokesman Lt. James Richardson said.

According to authorities, there may have been a dispute between the victim and the suspect before the shooting happened.

Both police and paramedics attempted lifesaving measures on Toko Tasi but he died at the scene.

An employee PBS Pub and Company, near where the shooting happened, said police conducted interviews inside the bar and closed access to the surrounding area while they investigated the incident.

Police were still at the scene Sunday morning.

The second shooting took place about a mile and a half south in the 500 block of West Anaheim Street, near Magnolia Avenue, at 1:20 a.m. on Sunday.

Police found the victim with gunshot wounds to his lower extremities, Richardson said. The man, who suffered non-life threatening injuries, was transported by paramedics to a local hospital.

The victim told officers a Hispanic man shot him at the location, Richardson said.

The suspects in both incidents are still at large and the motives for each are unknown at this time, Richardson said.

Detectives are investigating both incidents as unrelated shootings at this time.

May Toko’s soul rest in perfect peace.