Voice Of Fame: VSKIT And Startimes To Host Nigeria’s First Ever Dubbing TV Show

VSKIT Africa’s leading short video sharing platform has announced its partnership with Digital cable TV, StarTimes, to host the first edition of ‘Voice to Fame dubbing competition in Nigeria.

The show will see eight contestants competing against celebrities, for a chance to win a grand prize of 2 million Naira.

The Voice to Fame show will feature the re-enactment of classic movies and TV plays, Rap battles and lip-sync according to dialogues taken from clips of movies and TV shows with focus on vocal delivery and demonstrative facial expressions.

Popular TV Celebrities -Charles Okocha (aka “Igwe 2pac”), Nkechi Blessing, Mide Martins and Yakubu Mohammed will also be competing for the grand prize with the new talents, and this guarantees an even more entertaining, educative and enriching TV experience for viewers.

The 13-episode TV Show will feature four contestants each week, with viewers having the exclusive rights to vote their best dubbing performances. Contestants with the highest votes will progress to the next stage, while the contestant with the least vote from the audience each week gets evicted.

The show is set to hit television airwaves on July 28th 201 and will be aired nationwide at prime time on Sundays across TV stations such as Orisun TV, NTA, ST Yoruba and Area10 TV at 8:00pm; ST Dadin Kowa at 9:00pm and many more Yoruba channels. The program will run in mainly Pidgin english and Nigerian local dialects.


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